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What's Going On In Town

Here’s a small list of rollable tables to generate small towns for your hexcrawls. Roll on the big table then roll on the smaller ones for the first 20 tables. Roll again if you’re using using physical dice and roll more than 50.

More subtables will come for the other entries soon.


What’s going on?

Roll Result
1 A wedding
2 A duel
3 Bandits are attacking
4 Iron shortage
5 People are disappearing
6 Glowing lights in the sky
7 A bridge collapsed
8 The tavern is on fire
9 A murder!
10 Animals are on the streets
11 A festival
12 The crops are dying
13 The crops are growing thrice as fast
14 People can’t sleep
15 A guy is selling his book
16 It’s market day
17 Weird people in the tavern
18 Animals are dead on the street
19 A lost knight blocks the way
20 It hasn’t rained in months
21 Two salesmen are going door by door
22 There’s a brawl
23 The mayor has a quest
24 The mayor is dead
25 People are disappearing
26 Creatures attack the village at night
27 Tax day
28 Mercenaries are looking for work
29 The tavern has a bug infestation
30 There’s a magic item shop
31 Mage tower
32 The prices are doubled
33 A woman needs your help
34 There’s a contest in town
35 A man is recruiting people
36 The river flooded
37 The baker is weird…
38 There’s an uncommon shop in town
39 Strange glyphs are on people’s doors
40 The town is under a curse
41 There’s a list to enter the town
42 A man without legs is asking for money
43 A guild is opening and is looking for people
44 The food in the tavern is poisoned
45 A man approaches the party
46 The local guard has something to say
47 Everyone is living in tents
48 The people here eat only…
49 A painter approaches the group
50 Roll twice

A Wedding

Roll Result
1 A normal wedding
2 One of the guests is drunk
3 It’s between two people of the same sex and the church isn’t happy
4 All of the town is draped in white
5 The party is forced to take part in it
6 The bride gets angry and leaves

A Duel

Roll Is between..
1 .. two mages. One of them sends a spell close to the party
2 .. two drunk people. One of them takes a dagger to kill the other
3 .. two men. One of them offers 200g to the party for help
4 .. two dogs. The owner runs out and asks to save his dog
5 .. two knights. It’s a sparring match. The town is watching
6 .. a man and one of the PCs. He doesn’t like his smug face

Bandits are attacking

Roll Result
1 But the city guard is ready
2 They’re already inside the town, looting everything
3 They’re looking for a ring worth a lot
4 It’s actually an ambush and the party stumbled upon them by chance
5 But they’re not actual bandits, just a group of people that have no food
6 Their goal is to kill the mayor and take control of the town

Iron Shortage

Roll Result
1 All the things made of iron cost 10 times as much
2 There’s no iron things in town, not even the keyholes
3 Everything made of iron bought here breaks after a bit
4 Someone’s cursing the local mines
5 The air in this area makes all metals rust in a matter of weeks
6 Someone in town is just stealing all the iron

People are disappearing

Roll People think it’s But it actually is
1 Bandits Bandits
2 Wolves Wolves
3 A local ogre clan A local ogre clan
4 A curse A curse
5 A cult A cult
6 Roll twice here A powerful being

Glowing lights in the sky

Roll Result
1 A natural phenomena
2 A local mage is practicing his spells
3 Bandits are using lights to communicate
4 This area has a magical resonance field (Spell effects are doubled)
5 It’s a metal scrapyard reflecting nearby torches
6 No one knows

A bridge collapsed

Roll Result
1 Killing one person (roll on the next table)
2 Right as the party was passing trough
3 It was the only access to the town
4 A group of people deliberately blew it up
5 And everything else built by the same people is falling apart
6 Killing the troll underneath

Who got killed?

Roll Result
1 The tavern owner
2 The mayor
3 The local shopkeeper
4 The mayor’s daughter
5 A caravan of merchants
6 The smith

The tavern is on fire

Roll Result
1 The owner did it. He was sick of his job
2 A competitor did it
3 The townsfolk did it, they hated the owner
4 Bandits
5 An accident
6 The owner was practicing spellcasting when he summoned a fireball

A murder!

Roll Who died Who did it Why
1 The mayor Bandits A personal grudge
2 The mayor’s daughter Cultists Money
3 The shopkeeper A soldier of the militia Power promised by a greater being
4 The local mage A foreigner A magical item
5 The captain of the militia The tavern owner It was actually an accident
6 They tried to kill one of the PCs The thieves guild Part of a greater plan

Animals are on the streets

Roll Result
1 They just escaped from their pens
2 Goblins are terrorizing the fields
3 Poisonous flowers grow in the fields
4 It’s a prank
5 It’s a festival
6 It’s a curse and people have been swapped with animals

A festival

Roll Result
1 Music festival, people playing around the streets
2 The hunt. Dangerous boars are set free and have to be killed
3 The festival of the full moon. No one is gonna sleep tonight
4 The blue day. If you don’t have a blue piece of clothing you’re not allowed outside
5 The smith’s legacy. Free daggers for everyone and smiths showcase their work
6 The long post. No one is allowed outside for a week, the streets are silent and empty

The crops are dying

Roll It’s
1 Bad soil
2 Parasites are eating everything
3 A curse by a mage kicked from the village
4 Someone is intentionally sabotaging the crops (roll on the next table)
5 The village bought bad seeds
6 The whole area is becoming corrupted and dead because of a dungeon beneath the town

Who’s intentionally sabotaging the crops

Roll It’s
1 The king
2 Bandits
3 The local alchemist
4 The lord of the land
5 Enemies of the state
6 A cult

The crops are growing thrice as fast

Roll Because
1 The town got blessed by a god
2 It’s just good weather
3 The crops are just an illusion, nothing ever actually grows
4 They are genetically modified crops. Selling them outside of the village would be worth a lot of money
5 Time is passing faster in town, people are aging thrice as faster as well
6 Bah… Biology is weird

People can’t sleep

Roll Result
1 Someone is stealing their dreams
2 A guy bought a house and weird machinery noises come from there 24 hours a day
3 Fucking birds
4 They have to harvest a flower that blooms only during the night
5 Earthquakes are very frequent
6 Screams come from one of the houses each night, but the house iself is empty

A guy is selling his book

Roll What is it For how much
1 Potion recipes 3g
2 Erotic comedy 10g
3 Contains a map for a remote dungeon 30g
4 Insight on the goblin society 50g
5 “How to get rich quick” 100g
6 Autobiography of a famous mage 500g

It’s market day

Roll People are selling
1 Weapons
2 Armours
3 Food
4 Furniture
5 Livestock
6 Clothing

Weird people in the tavern

Roll Result
1 Bunch of guys looking for a fight
2 A man that lost his brother in the woods
3 A wizard selling a ring of invisibility
4 A man hiding from the guards for a crime he didn’t commit. Or did he?
5 A weird mage, he wants to test a new spell on the party for 300g
6 A woman that gives the party a box and leaves

Animals are dead on the streets

Roll Result
1 It’s a weird festival
2 Only dogs are dead. A maniac killed them all
3 The crops were poisonous and the animals ate them
4 A gas filters trough some cracks in the ground. The animals were just the first ones
5 A famine struck the village, inhabitants couldn’t spare the remaining food
6 The mayor introduced a new no-animals policy. They had to be shot on sight and are waiting to be cleaned up

A lost knight blocks the way

Roll He’s
1 .. waiting for a group of people to help him storm the nearby fortress
2 .. sent by the lord to sedate a revolt
3 .. actually an evil knight that wants to take control of the town
4 .. collecting a tribute
5 .. traveling the land to learn about the various cultures
6 .. is looking for a party to join

It hasn’t rained in months

Roll Result
1 All the crops are dead. The food in the tavern is 10 times more expensive
2 People are dishidrated and weak
3 Clouds of sand sweep across town
4 It’s because people stopped praying and lost their faith

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