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A Gentle Deep Carbon Observatory Nightmare - Episode 12

Today my party killed the witch in the water, it was probably the smallest of their problems.

After spending some time on the roofs of Pollnagollum and interrogating the people they decided something fishy was going on (fishy as in, weird fishes in the water). Also Thelonius discovered he has a feet fetish. They destroyed the roof of the house they were sitting on and jumped down to recover a rope. That’s when the witch attacked. She grabbed Cavell, started strangling him. Thelonius climbed down and tried to slash the woman, then Glirk followed by jumping. He tried landing on the witch but dropped on Cavell, destroying the table and scattering everyone in the water. Basily went down and tried searching for the rope, after finding it he and Glirk used it to strangle the woman as she was whispering weird names in Glirk’s eyes.

The witch died.

After burning her corpse and burying her a decision had to be made, Thelonius wanted to rebuild the village and use it as a base of operations, Cavell wanted to go to the Dam. Everything that followed is something the players shouldn’t know so it’s gonna be under the spoiler tag.

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