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Curse Of Strahd Guide

Don’t Lose Yourself In The Horrors

A complete guide for running Curse Of Strahd from scratch

Curse Of Strahd is one of my favourite adventures and I’ve spent far too much time that I want to admit on it, planning, writing and homebrewing it. I’ve had lots of ideas, some good, other a bit less. This guide is for those who have little time for homebrewing and preparing modules and just want a step by step list of what to prepare with some ideas sprinkled here and there.

New content will be released periodically and I will tend to keep all of the zones in separate posts. As much as the adventure will be kept as close to RAW as possible but there will be some original things here and there.

I really hope you like it! For suggestions and questions feel free to write me an email or to send me a message on Discord (Vinter#6397)