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Deep Carbon Observations - A Review of Deep Carbon Observatory

My players are in the Observatory at the moment, they’ve met the giant and maybe they will not survive their next session. They also decided that if they die they’re not going to create new characters for this adventure and we’ll do something else. I think it’s time for a review, a retrospective and some thoughts about how to fix the things we didn’t like.


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A Gentle Deep Carbon Observatory Nightmare - Episode 14

A genocide of an entire tribe, the entrance to the dungeon, the death of a character! This episode has it all.


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A Gentle Deep Carbon Observatory Nightmare - Episode 13

After spending a week to rest and rebuild the town of Pollnagollum the party ventured towards the dam

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Crawling Sideways

I was thinking of making a dungeon with poetry. It’s not this one, but it has poetry inside, somewhere. This area is a living one, it’s not just caves, vehina live(d) here. The idea behind this part is that vehina knew how to crawl on walls. The concept of up and down was kinda abstract for them, if not for gravity. Most areas are not easily accessible to the players, there’s no reason they should be.

The whole dungeon is based on random encounters, as the table is not yet provided some of the rooms might feel empty and not dangeous.

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A Gentle Deep Carbon Observatory Nightmare - Episode 12

Today my party killed the witch in the water, it was probably the smallest of their problems.

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What's Going On In Town

Here’s a small list of rollable tables to generate small towns for your hexcrawls. Roll on the big table then roll on the smaller ones for the first 20 tables. Roll again if you’re using using physical dice and roll more than 50.

More subtables will come for the other entries soon.


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The First Delve

It’s time to start keying something. If you don’t start you can never end.

The dungeon assumes rules for fall damage. In the final product we’ll have some, in the meantimes use the ones you’re more comfortable with (I suggest [1d6 + pg level x 10’ fallen] HP of damage). The caverns are hard to describe, they’re chaotic, oppressive, twisting. Not all of them, some of them. Make your players feel crushed by the weight of the stone above them, there’s no air, no light, no humanity.

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Art And Stuff

I made some art for my upcoming book. It’s bad, drawing caves is hard.


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