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I made some art for my upcoming book. It’s bad, drawing caves is hard.


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A Gentle Deep Carbon Observatory Nightmare - Episode 11

“There was a bad old woman who lived in the corn.

Only children knew that she was real.

She had seven souls and couldn’t die the same way twice.

So all the children poisoned her.

Then they stabbed her and smashed her and sliced her

and burnt her and drowned her.

And then they threw her in the well.

Thats Six And Seven Makes All..”


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Somewhere, In The Middle Of Nowhere


Somewhere, at the edge of the world exists a town, forgotten, even by its own people. Edintore. Its features are non-important. Fragments of town floating in the collective immagination of such places: small and lonely.

The Sunken Light is an adventure for players level 3 to 4 compatible with most OSR systems and statted for OSE. It can be played with lower level characters as well, dice is oracle.

The adventure begins as soon as the party arrives at Edintore.

This is just a draft of an adventure I’m writing. Everything will be subject to change. Sorry for the typos.

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A Gentle Deep Carbon Observatory Nightmare - Episode 10

The Lock River is a weird place, but the worst part was behind. Now everything ahead is just a pacific stroll trough the endless waters of the river. Or is it?


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Let It Bleed Out

There’s no reason for your dungeons to be static enclosed environments, here’s a list of 10 things to make your world more dynamic and alive.

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A Gentle Deep Carbon Observatory Nightmare - Episode 9

My players arrived at Carrowmoore today, it was intense both for me and for them. In case you were wondering where the first 8 episodes of this are, well, they’re in barrowmaze


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What About The World Ending Threats?

I get it, we’re playing OSR, we’re not heroes but simple adventurers that do simple things. This is one of the core ideas of the OSR scene. I think it’s detrimental. People shouldn’t be forced to fight zombies and goblins over and over just because it’s “old school”


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Level Drain Publishing

That’s it, we’re live. There are so many people with great ideas floating around, and I have some knowledge that allows me to publish said ideas. If you have something made, written, scattered across notes, send it to me at publishing@leveldrain.com

I’ll be taking a small percentage on the revenue, no payment upfront, no bullshit. Just write me if you have some ideas and would like to see your homebrew/adventure/setting online.

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